The Original Surro-Kitty®


The Original Surro-Kitty® is a nursing device that allows up to 8 kittens to nurse at once. Kittens are able to nurse from the Surro-Kitty® as they would with a natural mother. The Surro-Kitty® is made of machine-washable faux fur and cotton. A heating component is included to mimic the warmth from a mother cat.

The Surro-Kitty® also functions as a heated pillow. Simply remove the mammary pouch and lay it flat. Handmade in the United States. From March – August, allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Length: 38.1 cm


Surro-Kitty® Body

Mammary Pouch

8 Bottles (29.5ml) with Nipples

Kitty Cover®

30cm x 38cm Heating Pad

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White, Black