Surro-kitty Review

The kittens won't latch on to the Surro-Kitty®. What should I do?

      Some kittens will immediately take to the nipple on their own. In many cases, however, the kittens will need encouragement. Bring the kitten to the nipple. After becoming familiar with the Surro-Kitty®, kittens will begin to use it without needing direction. For additional tips, download our tip sheet below.

Can I wash the Surro-Kitty®?
Yes! All Surro-Kitty® models are 100% machine-washable.

What are the nipples made of?
The nipples are 100% rubber.

Can I use other brands of nipples with the Surro-Kitty®?
Most brands of nipples are compatible with the Surro-Kitty®.

Are there any special pricing options for shelters / rescues or bulk orders?
Yes. Shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals wishing to purchase the Surro-Kitty® in large quantities should contact Sales@WholefulPet.com.

What about set-up? Is it time-consuming?
The Surro-Kitty® involves no initial set-up, other than filling the bottles and inserting them into the pouches.