Our Nursers

Our Surro- nursers serve as surrogate mothers for orphaned kittens and puppies. The nursers provide a soft and realistic feel, allowing kittens and puppies to nurse in a way most natural to them.

Surro- nursers are ideal for animal shelters, rescue organizations, animal control agencies, and kitten/puppy fosterers.

Made of machine-washable faux fur. Handmade in the United States. Ships Worldwide.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our nursers. Including the Miracle Nipple® is a recent change we’ve made to improve the performance of the Surro-Kitty®.

The Surro-Kitty® Sound, Surro-Kitty® Heartbeat, and Surro-Kitty® Mini now include the Miracle Nipple®.

Surro-Kitty® Sound - It purrs!

Surro-Kitty® Heartbeat - It has a heartbeat!

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What You Should Know:

  • Our kitten nursers have been re-designed to be compatible with the Miracle Nipple®. The new design keeps the bottles and nipples fitted tightly within the unit, keeping them in place and reducing movement.
  • Getting the kittens to latch onto the Surro-Kitty® may require some initial effort of bringing the kitten to the nipple. If a kitten is accustomed to hand feedings, getting him to understand the Surro-Kitty® may take longer. See example (Credit: Instagram, @KittensofKirstie).
  • Once they understand the Surro-Kitty®, they will seek it out without needing guidance.
  • You can wash the Surro-Kitty®. The Surro-Kitty® is made of machine-washable materials. It can be machine-washed and machine-dried.

Shelters & Rescues

Our Surro- nursers can be an extremely valuable tool for anyone caring for a significant number of kittens, puppies, or small orphans.

Shelters, rescues, and individual fosterers can create crowdfunding campaigns through our Campaign Portal to purchase Surro-Kitty® nursers. Creating a campaign is simple and easy; and once your funding goal is met, we will begin processing your Surro-Kitty® order.