Our Nursers

Our Surro- nursers serve as surrogate mothers for orphaned kittens and puppies. The nursers provide a soft and realistic feel, allowing kittens and puppies to nurse in a way most natural to them.

Surro- nursers are ideal for animal shelters, rescue organizations, animal control agencies, and kitten/puppy fosterers.

Models: The Original Surro-Kitty®, Surro-Kitty® Mini, Surro-Kitty® Sound (it purrs!), Surro-Kitty® Heartbeat (with a heart beat!), Surro-Pooch™

Made of machine-washable faux fur. Handmade in the United States. Ships Worldwide.

Nipple Compatibility & New Nurser Model

The Surro-Kitty® is now compatible with the Miracle Nipple®. For animal caregivers who love using this fantastic nipple, you can now use it with the Surro-Kitty® Mini, Surro-Kitty® Sound, and the Surro-Kitty® Heartbeat (new).

The Surro-Kitty® Heartbeat contains a beating heart that is intended to soothe orphaned kittens.

The Surro-Kitty® Mini, Surro-Kitty® Sound, and Surro-Kitty® Heartbeat will include an additional replacement cover that will fit the Miracle Nipple®.

Need to Replace a Component? Additional replacement components are available. Replacement bundles include: Replacement Mammary Pouch, 2 Replacement Covers, and Replacement Bottles with Nipples.

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